“Keeping Vermont Vermont with a new and common sense perspective”

  • Valuing and fostering what’s great about Vermont:

    • We must remember our values and what it is that makes Vermont great.  These are the things that will lead us into a strong future.  Our small town government and education system has served us well and we should support these strongly. 

  •  Affordability:

    • Affordability is essential.  We need tax reform to more equitably and effectively share the burden of running our state.  We also must increase access to affordable housing. 

  • Education:

    •  Our primary and secondary public education systems are among the most important parts of our state's vitality.  They  must be strengthened and stabilized.  Recent drastic changes, such as Act 46 have not had the intended effects; they have instead undermined our strong education system.   We must also increase the availability and quality of childcare as well as stabilize our state college system.

  • The Economy:

    • Large and local businesses are both essential.  Our economy is changing and in our new landscape improved broadband infrastructure is necessary.  

  • A government for all: 

    • Many in our communities feel disenfranchised.  Improving the  inclusiveness, accessibility, and transparency of our local and state government is essential.  Truly communicating--both listening and letting the community know what is going on--is strong representation. 

  • Health:

    • Individual health can be improved by increasing access to mental health services and providing health care for all.  Again, the stronger our communities are; the more connected individuals and families; the better health outcomes for all. An emphasis on environmental health is also essential. 

  • Less Divisiveness:

    • Vermont is fractured and the divisions are increasing.  We need to work to understand each other, to collaborate, and be less judgmental to soothe the fear and divisiveness.  Strengthening our small towns will help build connections and bring us together.



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